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Photography Classes 101

I offer 32 years of experience in photography of which 28 years have been as a working professional photographer. My style is relaxed, fun and to create a rapid learning curve for all ages to enjoy photography, master the digital camera and to enjoy the fruits of learning. I have taught in many countries and have converted several keen hobby photographers into working professional photographers.

Classes can be provided for person to person or up to groups of 38 people (adults) . For Child workshops max class size is 6 and at least 2 students must have parents present. Contact me for larger group rates

All Classes are dynamically tailored to ensure each and every student reaches each of the class goals before continuing to the next learning phase thus ensuring each student absorbs 100% of course content.

  • Prices below are representative of 4 classes of 70mins  , 280 mins of learning per person (At your home or coffee shop)
1 Student £180.
2 - 5 Students (per person) £140.
6 - 10 students (per person) £  80.
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer.
  • These classes are available in the East Kilbride area only
  • Contact me for larger groups and rates.



"Interaction ... Reaction ... Emotion ...The alchemy of photographing people."

Next Scheduled Workshop :  Glasgow  (Date to be confirmed)

As a passionate photographer of people for over 32 years (28 years professionally) and the founder/owner/curator of Two of the most prestigious virtual Street & Social Documentary Photography Galleries in the world, I offer classes and workshops to photographers looking to start out or fine tune their skills in this very challenging genre in the Art of  Street Photography.

Workshops shall take place with a very casual and relaxed pace but with an intensive delivery of information, techniques and skill sets to be mastered. Workshops will consist of covering the technical aspects of how to use the camera for this type of photography and the ethos of the genre leading to practical application of walking the streets and applying tricks and tips while I pass one on one to assist throughout. 

After about 3-4 hours of pounding the pavement we shall retreat to a coffee shop, load up our favorite 4 images of the day and I shall make constructive and destructive critiques to examine whats great and what could have been executed more effectively.  Alternately speak to me about 'one on one' sessions if you prefer a more intensive experience or the option to explore only Black and White street photography.

The total timeline on a workshop would be coffee/tea and about a 30 min talk, lead in and questions acting as a warm up and ice breaker..... 4 hours on the street practical application with me at hand for questions as we go... then 1-2 hour for image selection and critique .

Contact me for more information

  • Group Workshops  £145.00 per person 6hrs (min 4 / max 10 participants)
  • One on One             £385.00 6hrs

Prices apply to Glasgow city center.

Payment for place reservation by direct deposit transfer to Gardner Hamilton .Bank Of Scotland.

All participants must bring their own equipment including a laptop on which to edit, select and display their images taken.

In the event of a workshop not having min 4 people confirming, all applicants will be re scheduled to their next convenient workshop with priority or refunded

Participants should dress prepared for the weather being hot/wet/windy/cold  etc etc.

contact me via   :


Recommendations for this workshop

  • Digital Camera (DSLR,Mirrorless,Compact,Rangefinder)
  • 1x Fixed focal length lens ( 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm or 50mm )
  • Laptop or Tablet to view and edit your images
  • Batteries and charging cables
  • Memory Cards
  • Seasonal Clothing
  • Good Walking Shoes

and finally, at all costs, avoid looking like a photographer !